In pursuit of …


Every now and then, as I sometimes foray aimlessly into the wilderness that is the Internet, I stumble upon gems that serves to enrich my experience as a photographer and as a visual artist. I’m sure my experience is not unique. What with the incredible wealth of information all around, it is hard to imagine anyone living a sustained creative life in a vacuum. Creativity, like most everything in life, must be nourished in order to grow. And what with the Internet’s big pipes, among other things, we are mercilessly subjected by the strong currents of swirling forces all around us—all the time. About the only reasonable thing we can do is to allow ourselves to open up to those many serendipitous bits that scurry along and which we feel matters the most. It’s almost like plucking pieces of puzzles floating aimlessly all around in a huge vat of information pool. So, we build our lives today by bits and bytes, actually just like for the most of our past, but in a more intensely interesting way than ever before.

[Note: My so-called “forays” have led me to many interesting places. Please click on Zatista to see what I’ve seen.]


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