A daring man named John Gruber


This year, I got addicted to the daring stuff that a daring man named John Gruber puts out on the Internet, mostly on his website, the Daring Fireball. For me, as a professional photographer, that’s saying quite a lot because he rarely, if at all, talks about anything remotely connected to photography. I don’t know how I got into him, or how he got to me for that matter, but I find just about every post he puts out, and his views, to be quite fascinating. From what I’ve read so far, he goes on and on mostly about tech stuff of the Apple variety. That’s where I mainly see my attraction, my connection, and my addiction to him. But, really, why would a photographer like me be interested in stuff that has mostly nothing to do with photography? Well, in the last 10 years, as a digital photographer, I’ve seen the tools of my trade change. Or, let’s say, evolve. And there’s that something right there in that process of change or evolution that needs a whole lot of figuring out. Because to a certain extent photography is now largely based on new and newer digital technology, I need to understand what’s happening and what’s going on. And yes, all the stuff too that will happen sooner than later. For ruminations and divinations on exactly that, I read this daring man named John Gruber.

[Note: I’m not sure if my photographs qualify as “daring,” but do take a look over at Zatista and see for yourself.]


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